Arthur for eCommerce

Grow your online sales and accept a growing number of payment methods.

Who is it for?

Whether you have an online store or would like to accept payments via link, Arthur lets you accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and a host of other options. We provide plugins for a growing number of online platforms and providers. Our team is always available to assist you should you need assistance during the integration process or at any point of using our solutions.

Arthur for eCommerce

eCommerce features at a glance

Seamless Integration

Achieving a fully automated payments system should not be difficult. This is why we have and continue to create plug and play applications which connect our payment gateway to the world’s most popular software solutions. 

Arthur Payment Link

Payment Link

No website? No problem! You can now accept payments with a payment link. Simply enter the invoice details on your Arthur dashboard. Your client will be notified, along with a unique and safe link to enter the card details.

Arthur Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

If you need to take payments remotely, such as over the phone or through a booking website, you can use the Arthur virtual terminal solution. Simply enter your client’s card details and amount to process securely.

Arthur eCommerce Solutions

Access global markets

The growth of your business depends on its ability to internationalise and tap into new markets. From the moment you set up your eCommerce store and as it grows globally, Arthur will accompany and support you. We will provide you with all that you need to accept payments, now and in the future. We will also provide the necessary hardware, software, and expertise to maximise your sales potential.

Operate in safety

Safety is not only one of our primary concerns, but this same priority is shared by our partner acquiring banks and suppliers. With Arthur you are accessing a secure environment which protects your funds and data. Apart from encrypted your financial transactions and supporting 3D secure payments, we also implement measures to reduce fraud and support you in cases of chargeback claims.

Arthur Payment Security

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