How Can You Accept Card Payments Without A Website?

Accept Card Payments without a Website

If the last 15 months or so have taught us anything it’s that businesses must be able to trade online. This has given rise to hundreds of new websites and online stores around Malta and the rest of the world. Now, online shopping has become easier than ever. But what about businesses that do not offer solutions that can easily be sold online, such as service providers or products with lots of customisable choices? Can you still accept card payments without a website or e-commerce store?

The answer with ARTHUR is, of course, yes!

Options to Accept Card Payments without a Website

The main options we offer to help you accept payments online without needing a website or e-commerce store are:

  • Payment link: Used to send a payment request to your email or messenger contacts.
  • Payment button: An integrated solution that provides a seamless link from invoice to payment.
  • Virtual terminal: A digital ePOS that allows you to manually input a client’s card details.

Payment Link

A payment link is a simple and effective way to accept card payments without a website. Our clients use this option when they communicate with clients via messenger apps or email, but you can use it in a variety of alternative ways as you deem fit. All you need to do to create a payment link is the name of your client and the amount you require them to pay. You can also enter optional information, such as a payment reference. Once you have entered all the necessary information you can proceed to create the link instantly and send it to your client using any channel.

When clients click on the link, the payment page is opened. Here, they will see your business information and the amount that they will pay. All they need to do to complete the payment is enter their card details. As soon as the payment is confirmed, your payments dashboard will be updated.

Payment Button

The ARTHUR payment button works in a similar way to our payment link. Our clients use this option, especially when issuing invoices using popular cloud-based software, including Xero. With this integrated solution, every time that you issue an invoice, a unique payment button is created and placed next to the invoice total. When clients receive your invoices and click on the payment button they will be instantly transferred to the payments page. Here, just like with the payment link, they simply need to enter their card details.

The invoice payment button is created automatically and contains important information. This includes the value and number of the invoice. No two payment buttons are the same. This ensures that there is never confusion regarding which invoices are settled and which are still pending.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal offers the same functionality and convenience as a typical ePOS machine without the hassle of carrying it around with you. You can use our virtual terminal to accept card payments without a website by simply opening it up from your ARTHUR dashboard. Enter the card details provided by your client and the amount you’ve agreed to charge them. Payments are processed instantly and updated on your dashboard seconds later.

The virtual terminal solution is a favourite amongst our travel and accommodation providers who receive client card details with their bookings. In addition to processing payments, this option also allows you to carry out pre-authorisations.

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