Getting Access To Easy Payments Gateways

easy payments gateway

Now, more than ever, the need for online shopping solutions is clearly evident. Any uncertainties people may have had about buying goods and services online have vanished, due, in part, to the current global pandemic. This is great news for merchants who already have an online shopping solution. The merchants that don’t however, should certainly start developing virtual stores and accepting card payments through easy payments gateways.

If you are the owner of a small or even micro-business, you probably don’t have time to set up and integrate your own online card payment solution. This is understandable, as the majority of systems available are difficult to set up, and often require an experienced developer. This naturally means increased costs and waiting times. In the meantime, your competitor has just had another phenomenal day of online sales.

Easy payments gateways don’t need developers

There isn’t really much more to add to the heading. With technology evolving at a fast pace, long gone are the days where you need to depend on others to set up and run your own online shop. Today, you can find a host of online shopping platforms, such as Woocommerce, which pretty much offer everything a business might need to start trading online. The only things you need to add are the items for sale and your card payments processor.

Stay in control of your money

Many businesses are held hostage by their banks. With little to no choice, they depend on their bank to provide them with a card payments solution. Worse still, they need to deposit their funds into a designated account.

Why should others tell you what to do with your money? Who is really in control, if you cannot decide where to receive your revenue? Why have so many honest business owners been treated so badly by their service providers?

At Arthur, we believe that you should always stay in control of your money. This is why our easy payments gateway lets you choose which SEPA IBAN account to deposit your funds in, no matter the country. In particular cases, we can also deposit funds in non-SEPA accounts. Staying in control means not depending on others. With Arthur, you can set up your own payment gateway, and decide where and when to get paid.